Coastal Expeditons, Creative Directional Signage w/ Chalk Board

This one was a real head-scratch’r!

Chris Crowley, local proprietor and waterman-for-hire, had a retired kayak hanging off the deck of Coastal Expedition’s Shem Creek-front headquarters. He had the grand idea to make the kayak into a directional sign to attract Coleman Boulevard traffic.

Upon meeting to discuss our plan of attack, LIMELIGHT decided to make the sign more interactive by creating two-sided chalkboards, to attract the continued attention of daily commuter traffic and raise community awareness of tidal information, lunar cycles, kayak sales, special trips, etc. Chris had a few paddles hanging around the boathouse which we snatched up to create arrows.

They do not teach kayak-to-sign techniques in Signmaking101, so we hope we did the old boat justice!

By the way, I believe their first message will be advertising their annual used fleet sale, which starts on December 5th. This is a great way to get outfitted with some experienced gear on the cheap.

Stop by, say hello and get out on the water! This is the best time to explore our protected inshore waterways.

Visit Coastal Expeditions for more information on local group paddling events and tours.