Window lettering for a friend…

This is not our largest job, but it is truly one of my favorites.

Steven Johnson was one of the first persons I met upon pulling my Uhaul onto Sullivans Island. Fortunately, Steven was looking for someone to share his very cool, but very dilapidated Sullivans Island beach rental.

From day one, I admired his work ethic. …Unlike many, Stephen seemed to know exactly what he wanted in a career and he had the drive to get there. I have long admired his strict work ethic and peculiar passion for his trade (Yes, accounting. That’s weird, right?)

Stephen worked for many years at a large Charleston firm; one with a very fancy building, reserved parking, benefits and retirement plans. He left that safe harbor to explore his dream: To work independently and give his clients the one-on-one attention they deserve.

This is one of the coolest parts of our job at LIMELIGHT. We love being there for our clients as they take the critical first steps in establishing an identity. We share in your excitement of inception, the nervousness in planning and the elation of opening day.

Steven’s window lettering reminded me of what it was to take that leap a few years ago; but moreover, this job helped me realize the unique privilege we have in sharing in our clients’ dreams and the responsibility that goes along with it.

These may seem like small jobs, but they are big to our clients and we understand and respect that.