Street Food, Inside!

At this point, I am not sure who is more antsy for this weekend’s grand opening. LIMELIGHT has been hanging around the new Patat Spot Friet & Falafal location at 41B George Street for the past few weeks, getting everything just right for the big unveiling; and as the date gets closer and the authentic friet sauces hit the counter, our mouths are watering! But for Phillis Kalinsky-Mair, part of the husband-wife duo hanging this fine looking shingle, the thought of bringing the Dutch-style street food to the College of Charleston campus has been with her since living abroad as a child.

Patat Spot Friet & Falafel is a quick service vegetarian European style snack bar.  Located in the heart of Charleston, SC next to the College of Charleston Campus, Patat Spot will specialize in fresh hand cut friet or fries as the are known in the USA. Patat Spot will have all the sauces; mayonaisse, peanut sate sauce, friet sauce, and the dipping sauces that have made friets, vlaamse friet, pommes frites and fries, favorites all over the world.

As their name suggests, Patat Spot Friet & Falafel will also offer a Falafel filled pita bread sandwich with a build your own toppings bar, The Garden Spot. The Garden Spot salad bar can be enjoyed as a meal by itself offering the freshest local and unique ingredients. And they didn’t forget about dessert.  A Dutch classic treat, Oliebollen,traditionally served during the new year celebration or at festivals, will be available fresh daily.

So, after a night at the local watering hole, an evening at the neighboring Sottile Theatre or near-all-nighter at the library, drop into Patat Spot for an authentic take on some European classics.