2012: Dance with the girl that brung ya…

It’s resolution time. The gyms are full. Sneaker sales are spiking. Post-holiday revelers are in detox, longing for the healthy, trim life-style that seemingly fluttered off into a tryptophan dream way back in November.

Since it virtually appears that we have not completed a project since March of last year, we thought we would take some time to bring you up to speed.

We accomplished some really great things in 2011, met some wonderful new clients and forged some really exciting relationships throughout the Charleston area in a diverse range of fields. We relocated into a new facility, purchased one of the most cutting edge printing technologies on the market and cranked out some really wonderful work, which we will be releasing shortly in a list we’ll call:  THE TOP 10 JOBS WE PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE BLOGGED ABOUT.

We apologize for our lack of WordPress participation. When we started LIMELIGHT almost five years ago, we immediately understood the importance of building and promoting our clients’ businesses along side our own; to create a forum to encourage our community to support local business first. We continue to promote shopping local and client growth through Facebook and Twitter, but our the BLOG is obviously lacking. One important lesson we learned in 2011 was this: although managing grass roots marketing through social media can be productive, it is most certainly time-consuming; and like the ol’ adage says, “time is money.” We just can’t seem to create that extra 25th hour in the day; but, we’re working on it.

We will make every effort to return to our roots, remembering to build upon the foundation that has allowed us to come to work every day and do what we love.

Thank you for your continued support, Charleston.

Gregg & Sara