Verde serving up fresh eats at Family Circle Cup

One of our favorite identities in 2011 was Jay Fletcher’s work for Verde Restaurant. It is rare when we love absolutely everything that comes across our desk. There are always compromises made during the planning process that ultimately jeopardize the cohesiveness of the brand. And after years of doing this, we can generally pin-point a particular project that was ruthlessly car-jacked along its creative journey.

But in the case of Verde, JFletcher Design presented the concepts in a perfect, well thought-out little package. Much of the credit goes to Jay, of course, who seems to always swing for the fences; but even greater accolades go to the client for doing the research, recognizing the importance of hiring a creative professional and finding the perfect fit for their product launch and branding.

And the gifts just keep on giving. This canvas table runner photographed above is just one little piece of a larger puzzle that we are printing for Verde’s booth at this years Family Circle Cup. The piece works perfectly with the picture boards, exterior signage, menu boards, etc. But most importantly, it compliments the overall design aesthetic of their King Street location and the Verde brand.

It all seems simple, right?

But what we see too many times is this: A designer gets hired. He or she fires out some beautiful identity work for the product’s introduction to market (logos, maybe a website, a sign design, if we are lucky). Then, the register starts ringing and the owner figures the job is done. The designer falls out of the loop or more often than not, gets pushed into the shadows. The fonts are eventually substituted, layouts are compromised and colors are altered.

Verde ‘gets it.’ That’s why when you see a t-shirt, read an ad or order a delicious salad at the Family Circle Cup, you see, feel and taste Verde.

Sorry for the rant. The point of the post was actually to express our excitement for a fresh lunch option at this year’s Family Circle Cup. We love Chick-fil-A, but eating a fried piece of chicken in the warm sun, while watching athletes perform in the fresh Charleston air never seemed like a good fit.

So thanks to the Family Circle Cup. Thanks to Verde. And thanks to Jay.